FIA Inspector Salary 2023 in Pakistan, benefits

This article provides detailed information about the FIA inspector salary and benefits in Pakistan, including their basic pay scale, allowances, and utilities.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is a law enforcement agency in Pakistan that investigates federal crimes. The agency was established in 1975 and is headquartered in Islamabad. FIA Inspectors are responsible for conducting investigations into various crimes and maintaining law and order in the country. In this article, we will discuss the salary and benefits of FIA Inspectors in Pakistan.

Basic Pay Scale

The basic pay scale for an FIA inspector in Pakistan ranges from BPS-16 to BPS-17. The starting salary for a BPS-16 inspector is Rs. 30,000, while the starting salary for a BPS-17 inspector is Rs. 40,000.

FIA Inspector Salary 2023 in Pakistan

TopicFIA Inspector Salary in Pakistan
SalaryApproximately 95,870/- per month (according to BS-16 scale)
Basic Pay ScaleBS-16
Minimum Basic SalaryRs. 28,070
Maximum Basic SalaryRs. 95,870
Annual IncrementRs. 2,260 per year
Inspector Salary in FIA

FIA Inspectors Salary and allowances

Here is Inspectors Salary and Allowances list:

  • Basic pay: 28,070
  • Convey Allowance 2005: 5,000
  • Fixed TA/DA: 16,000
  • Adhoc Relief All 2022 15%: 4,205
  • Monthly Investigation All (equal to 60%): 14,008
  • Utility Allowance 25%: 6,785
  • House Rent Ceiling: 7,200
  • Medical Allowance: 1,500
  • FIA Allowance 20%: 5,036
  • Anti-On Crime Allow 50%: 1,490

Benefits of FIA Inspector Jobs

In addition to the basic salary, FIA inspectors in Pakistan are also entitled to a number of allowances and benefits. These include a house rent allowance, medical allowance, transport allowance, and education allowance for their children. FIA inspectors are also entitled to free medical treatment for themselves and their families.

Free medical facilitiesAccess to medical treatment at no cost
Interest-free loanAbility to borrow money without paying interest
Reimbursement of medical billsCompensation for medical expenses
Disability insurance policyInsurance coverage for disabilities
Free scholarships for childrenScholarships provided for children’s education
Excellent salaryCompetitive and attractive salary
Housing hiring allowanceAllowance provided for housing rental

Job Requirements for FIA Inspector

To become an FIA inspector in Pakistan, you must meet certain requirements. You must be a Pakistani citizen, have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university, and be between the ages of 20 and 30. In addition, you must pass a written test, physical test, and interview. You can watch video about how to apply for fia inspector jobs in 2023 by clicking here.

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