Best YouTube Keyword Tools in 2023

Are you interested in discovering the top YouTube keyword tools? YouTube, which is a video-centric search engine, utilizes algorithms to identify and present relevant videos to its audience.

Similar to other search engines, YouTube relies on algorithms – defined sets of instructions that teach computers how to process information – to deliver suitable videos to the appropriate viewers.

To optimize your digital marketing efforts on this platform, it’s critical to utilize YouTube’s keyword tools and integrate the appropriate keywords into your content. By doing so, you can enhance the likelihood of your content being identified by the algorithm and presented to the target audience.

What Are The YouTube Keywords?

According to YouTube, incorporating descriptive keywords or tags in your videos can help viewers discover your content.

In essence, keywords provide YouTube with pertinent information and context about your video content, allowing the algorithm to utilize them in delivering your content to the appropriate audience.

To improve the visibility of your videos, it’s crucial to consider what your target audience likes and take advantage of relevant search terms that they use to find content. The algorithm takes into account various factors such as what the audience watches, how much time they spend watching a video, and what they like or dislike, among others, to prioritize well-liked videos.

What is YouTube keyword research?

The Importance of Keyword Research in YouTube Marketing: Keyword research is a crucial SEO strategy employed by marketing professionals to identify the most relevant search terms and discover alternative search terms that users type in when searching for information. This research helps businesses determine which keywords to integrate into their website copy, page titles, tags, and more, to optimize organic content discovery.

In the context of YouTube, keyword research involves identifying the search terms that users enter into the video platform when searching for content. By understanding how many people search for specific keywords and related terms, businesses can incorporate these keywords into their video’s name, tags, description, and transcript, thereby improving their results and appearing higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Moreover, by identifying what their target audience is searching for, businesses can create video content that is more likely to be in demand. While search engine optimization is a crucial aspect of marketing for businesses of all sizes, not every organization can afford to hire an SEO agency. This is where YouTube keyword tools, like the ones listed here, can be extremely beneficial.

Keyword research for YouTube SEO helps find relevant search terms and phrases people use. Learn what your target audience searches for and add relevant keywords to optimize visibility in video titles, tags, and descriptions. Align content with search interests and preferences.

Why Are YouTube Keywords Important?

Incorporating YouTube keywords is crucial to ensure your content reaches the right audience. If you create a YouTube ad, optimizing it for search can boost brand awareness and recognition through effective YouTube marketing.

10 Best YouTube Keyword Tools

Here are 10 of the best YouTube keyword tools to help you optimize your content and reach your intended audience:

  1. TubeBuddy – A free browser extension with a keyword explorer and best practice audit. Also offers paid versions.
  2. – A tool that ranks YouTube keywords by popularity and provides categorized keyword lists. Free version available, with paid upgrade.
  3. VidIQ – A Google Chrome extension that helps determine the best keywords for improving content searchability. Offers free and paid versions.
  4. YouTube Autosuggest – Use the dropdown menu of suggested phrases that appear when typing a keyword into the YouTube search box for free.
  5. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer – A paid tool that provides keyword ideas, search volumes, and keyword difficulty scores.
  6. Google Trends – A free tool that shows the popularity of a keyword over time.
  7. Keyword Keg – A paid tool that provides keyword ideas, search volumes, and keyword difficulty scores for YouTube and other platforms.
  8. Morningfame – A paid tool that provides keyword suggestions, video analytics, and tracking features.
  9. Canva Keyword Generator – A free tool that generates keyword ideas based on a topic or phrase.
  10. TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer – A paid tool that provides keyword suggestions, search volumes, and competition scores.

The best YouTube keyword research tools – Links

Here are the 10 best YouTube keyword tools along with their login pages:

  1. TubeBuddy –
  2. –
  3. VidIQ –
  4. YouTube Autosuggest – No login required
  5. Ahrefs –
  6. Google Keyword Planner –
  7. SEMrush –
  8. Serpstat –
  9. Kparser –
  10. Morningfame –

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